Our Services

We welcome all makes and models of bikes. Whether it needs a simple tune-up or tire change, or if we're talking complete engine overhaul or performance upgrades.


Offroad motorcycles definitely take a beating in Florida, between the mud, rain, humidity, and sand, the elements are definitely out to get you.

The more attention and maintenance that you give your dirt bike, ATV, or UTV, the longer it will last. When you take your offroad bike into Indian River Cycle Center, you can rest assured that we'll take care of it and let you know if any problems show up.

Servicing your bike regularly also helps you to spot problems before they get out of control. Our trained eyes and ears, as well as our suite of tools and tech, will make sure that your machine is in top working condition before it leaves out the door.

Dyno Tuning

Does your fuel injected or carbureted bike suffer from symptoms like hestitation, poor fuel economy, lack of power, backfiring, or engine ping? If so, we can fix it!

We use the state of the art DynoJet 250i dyno and 30+ years of motorcycle engine management systems experience to diagnose and expertly tune your bike, making it run the absolute best that it can.

In addition to accurately calibrating fuel and injection maps, we can diagnose any run and drivability issues your motorcycle might be having. Plus, this is all done in a controlled environment with road simulation done right here in the shop. Whether you need it for the track, or just want to take your bike to the absolute best it can be, stop by today or make an appointment for a DynoJet tune at Indian River Cycle Center.


Every motorcycle owner knows that Harley-Davidson is a beast. Each mile crossed is another notch added to a long list of accomplishments for devoted riders looking to conquer the concrete jungle.

Scheduling regular motorcycle maintenance is crucial to preserving your place on top. Your bike needs consistent checkups and tune-ups that will prevent your ride from falling behind the pack. The streets also pose other threats looking to overthrow your bike's dominion. Whether it's a pothole, inattentive motorist, or the skies open up for heavy rain, there are numerous risks where one slip-up can end your journey early. Damage happens and could lead your bike to sitting on the sidelines. At that point, it's time to start looking for a reliable motorcycle repair shop to bring your Harley back to life.

If you want perfected Harley service, visit Indian River Cycle Center in Vero Beach. Our professional and experienced service will help keep your bike on its throne as we deliver expert inspections and repair to the Vero Beach, Sebastian, and Fort Pierce areas.